Gain more insights with data, analytics and AI - all in one platform.

With the only end-to-end real time data integration and predictive analytics cloud platform, Active Intelligence is here. Goodbye passive BI!

Shaping The Future of Healthcare

Dados Health is shaping the future of healthcare by arming Providers with the tools they need to more efficiently run their practices within a dynamically changing industry.
By adopting fully electronic processes for just 8 business transactions, the industry can save $13.3 billion annually, or 33% of existing administrative annual spending.
By leveraging the technology and expertise that is brought to bear, Dados Health gives our clients the tools to develop an unparalleled understanding of what will drive their business’s success.

Business Intelligence Platform

Data Transformation

Dado’s solution will take your data, stream it, and transform it in real-time.
Our prebuilt machine models are trained on the ever-changing landscape of business, which means they learn what matters most to you – not just today but all day long! Get alerts for any KPI along with notifications via app delivery method (eMail), text message Slack channel, or wherever else suits best for how quickly information needs spreading around these days.

Deep Learning Models

The Dados team brings substantial experience, knowledge, and subject matter expertise in a variety of healthcare business-related settings, including:
Data Scientists from Dado’s work hard to develop cutting-edge analytics using AI techniques such as Machine Learning or Neural Nets in order to present trends & insights into data sets through predictions about future events like “What is likely going happen if we increase this percentage by 10%?”

Predictive Analytics and Actionable Data Insights

BI data comes in many sizes, shapes, and forms. Dados is the perfect tool to combine many structured and unstructured data sources to create a centralized data repository and single-source of truth across the organization, and since the Dado data engine is the one tool that can alleviate all your pain points with its powerful joins and seamless integration.

All your data, analytics and AI on one platform - Dados

Dados Health

Platform Solutions

Platform Features


Integrate with your data sources


Store your data in the most useful way possible


Create customized dashboards and alerts based on your needs and use cases


See how you match up with industry benchmarks


Create insights from the data that is gathered


Use AI and ML to build predictive analytics


Only you should see your data

Dados Health

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