The only end-to-end real time data integration and predictive analytics cloud platform. Active Intelligence is here.

Adopting fully electronic processes on the healthcare transactions can save $13.3 billion annually, or 33% of existing administrative annual spending. Dados Health is committed to shape the future of healthcare by providing innovative AI solutions in just one platform – Dados.

DaDoS Eligibility Checks

Dados puts together all-payer eligibility verification with a powerful workflow dashboard. Submit inquiries to check eligibility 24/7 and receive real-time responses. Get fewer days in accounts receivable and increased cash flow, improving your revenue cycle management.

AI Prior Auth

Dados Prior Authorization platform leverages AI and automation, with exception handling by our experienced prior authorization and billing specialists, to provide you with a complete end-to-end prior authorization solution. Requests requiring prior authorization are initiated electronically to the appropriate payer.

Patient Balance Calculator

Dados’s real-time information increases the patient’s understanding of their payment responsibility and moves you from payment unknowns to payment certainty in seconds. You have actionable intelligence and the details necessary to arrange payment schedules with patients. A knowledgeable patient is a happier patient.

AI Predictive Analytics and Business Intelligence

BI data comes in many sizes, shapes, and forms. Dados is the perfect tool to combine many structured and unstructured data sources to create a centralized data repository and single-source of truth across the organization. And since the Dados data engine can join tables on the fly, your organization’s data preparation effort is dramatically reduced.

Platform Features


Integrate with your data sources


Store your data in the most useful way possible


Create customized dashboards and alerts based on your needs and use cases


See how you match up with industry benchmarks


Create insights from the data that is gathered


Use AI and ML to build predictive analytics


Only you should see your data

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